Halter Casagrande

School St. Karl
Altdorf, 2002

School St. Karl School St. Karl School St. Karl School St. Karl School St. Karl

This primary school building is a part of the St. Karl Altdorf convent. Both new and old building sections come together to form a single unit. The connection to the convent remains noticeable at all times. The characteristics of the surroundings and old school building are kept in place on the new extension. The classrooms are positioned towards the calm surroundings of the convent courtyard. Lessons take place in a concentrated learning environment. Break rooms and the school yard are positioned towards the village and offer an open space protected by the walls of the convent.The project combines northern architecture with southern charm.

Project Lussi+Halter Architekten
Building costs CHF 9.6 Mio.
Commission Competition, 1st place
Year 2000 – 2002
Building owner Gemeinde Altdorf

Aldo Buffoni

Gabi Felber

Landscape architecture Koepfli Partner GmbH

Wakkerpreis 2007 an Altdorf



European Architecture

Photography essay St. Karl School