Halter Casagrande

Commercial building Onyx Baar

Commercial building Onyx Baar

The existing office building at Neuhofstrasse 4 in Baar was built in 1985 for Metro AG by the general contractor Peikert Contract AG and the architect Joachim Neiser from Düsseldorf. After 35 years, the current state of the building has some shortcomings that will be remedied with the conversion and expansion. The typical character of the facades with a "Brise Soleil" with curtain sun protection glass should be retained and brought up to date with the latest technology. Structurally, two new additional access cores will be installed, which will enable a more flexible subdivision of the floor plans into smaller units. A spacious hall connects the three access cores on the ground floor. The new business hall is also used as a foyer, lounge and café bar. It invites you to linger, meet, talk or work individually. A new public restaurant expands the hall.

Project Halter Casagrande Partner AG
Year 2018 – 2022

Anliker AG

Building owner


Sebastian Panknin

Hugo Dias

Anne Smulders

Dario Suter

Diellza Delija-Sadika

Bauherrenvertretung Markus Mettler Baumanagement
Bauingenieur Basler & Hofmann Innerschweiz AG
HLKS Ingenieur Abicht Zug AG
Brandschutzexperte Abicht Zug AG
Elektroplaner Hefti Hess Martignoni
Landschaftsarchitektur Appert Zwahlen Partner AG
Fassadenplaner MCS & Partner AG
Bauphysik Basler & Hofmann AG
Künstler/Farbgestaltung Mayo Bucher