Halter Casagrande

Finanzgebäude Kt. Luzern
Lucerne, 2003

Finanzgebäude Kt. Luzern Finanzgebäude Kt. Luzern Finanzgebäude Kt. Luzern Finanzgebäude Kt. Luzern

Despite not being used extensively, the loft at the financial offices for the canton of Lucerne has several positive spatial qualities. It is a continuous space that is clearly divided by the building structure and is organised around an inner courtyard. The “La Vague” project – inspired by the painting of the same name by Matisse – allows the interior architectural qualities of the loft to emerge. The spatial continuity is further reinforced by free-form plaster cladding. The mobile furniture is an important design element and supports the fluidity of the space. A continuous line of windows illuminates the office areas and allows for a close rapport with the newly designed courtyard. A mobile sun sail creates shadow in the summer and offers protection from the heat. The new space allows for concentrated work in an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and fantasies.

Project Lussi+Halter Architekten
Building costs CHF 1.5 Mio.
Commission Study, 1st place
Year 2003
Building owner Stadt Luzern, Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement

Carmen Lorente Sangros, Künstlerin, Luzern


Pavel Sramek